The portrayal of the infamous salem witch drama in the crucible

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What do the X's mean? The X's just indicate the ones I either have not watched or I have watched but have no review or a puny review. It's just a way to keep me from buying two copies of the same movie. By closely reading historical documents and attempting to interpret them, students consider how Arthur Miller interpreted the facts of the Salem witch trials and how he.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Cleopatra, the #1 national bestseller, unpacks the mystery of the Salem Witch Trials. It began inover an exceptionally raw Massachusetts winter, when a minister's daughter began to scream and convulse.

A stylistic portrayal of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ opens Mar. 24 Based on the Salem witch trials, the play emphasizes the danger a fear-based society can create and its potential to destroy lives. Arthur Miller, playwright extraordinaire, realized that the lingo being thrown around by McCarthy sounded very similar to the language used in the Salem Witch Trials (some years before), a historical period he researched heavily while in college.

So he wrote The Crucible.

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